“Wealth does not bring happiness.”

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We sometimes hear from TV news that some rich person committed suicide in his apartment. We usually regret this person but some people don’t understand why he did it. If we don’t look at this matter more deeply, we can say:  “Wealth does not bring happiness.” However, it can be argued that it’s false, because people’s life can change so much other things than money.

We know that people can get wealth with different ways. Someone can win a lottery or get     a property from family. They have lot of luck, but what about the richest people on the Earth? Firstly, some people argue that they have luck, but also they have strong relationship to their job and fortune is secondary. We can say that they are different persons and their behavior is different too. Then we cannot expect they have same relationship to money.

Another point is that, if somebody wants only money and ignores other things and people, he will be unhappy in the future when he will look back on his life, what he made and got. However, it is undoubtedly true that famous people have everything, friends, money, good job, but some of them don’t feel happy. They want more exciting life because they achieved everything what they wanted when they were young and they do not want fit dust. Some of these celebrities cannot keep this life for a long time, for example Parris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, David Hasselhoff. They often drink alcohol, use narcotics and are on the loose. They want to be free for instant. It can be argued that person, who has weak relationship to his life, can’t be happy with wealth, because if he gets it, he won’t know what to do with this fortune.

In addition, it is also obvious that people, who have strong relationships with family, hobby and job, can be happy with wealth. Furthermore, if this person has a bad time, he can count to his friends and family. He doesn’t matter about money, but he uses it for normal life for him and his family, for example Bill Gates has similar relationship.

To sum up, rich person can be generous or stingy, wise or stupid, witty or boring. It doesn’t matter. However, the most important value are relationships, because if we lose it, we will lose everything. It can be argued that wealth is means for better life and makes people happy if it helps poor people. It is also obvious that life gives us a lot of surprises and we can choose our way how to spend the time which we got, but wealth can make life easier.

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